Ben Wright

A portrait image of Ben Wright.
Dapper designer. Dormant drummer. Animation ninja.

Ben wanted to be the drummer in a band, but his school careers advisor told him it would never happen in a million years. Luckily for him – and us – he had a backup plan. Design.

Now a senior designer, Ben has a keen eye for creating highly functional interfaces. He’s an expert in animation, and has a mix of skills across prototyping and complex UI interactions.

At Springload, Ben’s worked on many large and interesting projects for clients such as ACC and Inquisitive.

Bridging ideas and reality with ProtoPie

Bridging ideas and reality with ProtoPie

Creating rich interactive prototypes has often been a struggle for designers who can't code or don't have access to a developer. We explored using ProtoPie to create highly interactive prototypes without touching a line of code.